Urinal Mat

Kills odor causing bacteria.

BellaMat™ is the ONLY custom made disposable restroom urinal floor mat made of GREEN Smart™ Technology; treated with a non-toxic antimicrobial agent with a health rating of 1.

Hygolet® a


Bella Bagno Inc.® is the exclusive distributor of Hygolet in all USA airports.

Discover the Hygolet® Sanitary Toilet Seat. You no longer have to wrestle with awkward paper seat covers. With the wave of a hand the Hygolet® automatically provides fresh, clean Hygoplast® sleeve of plastic.

Public Sanitation Solutions

Today it takes much more than wiping the seat, washing your hands, and mopping the floor. These are times where germs that lurk in unsanitary conditions can carry a devastating punch. Bella Bagno Inc®. offers an entire line of products designed to keep germs under control and your facilities safe. If you look closely you’ll find our products in airports, restaurants, hotels, country clubs, casinos, offices, factories, schools, sporting arenas, parks, campgrounds, convention centers, and everywhere sanitary facilities and public safety is a must. So, select your category above and find your solution through Bella Bagno Inc®.

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